How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Last?

For those interested in eyeliner tattoos, it is expected to inquire about the duration of permanent eyeliner.

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Permanent eyeliner offers a convenient solution for those who enjoy wearing eyeliner but find the daily application time-consuming and frustrating, as achieving symmetry can be difficult.

Eyeliner tattoo Melbourne are becoming increasingly popular for their long-lasting and waterproof results, providing the desired eyeliner look without the need for frequent reapplication.

How long does permanent eyeliner typically last?

Permanent eyeliner is said to have the most extended potential longevity among all permanent makeup treatments, with some artists stating it can last up to 5 years.

For most people, eyeliner tattoo typically lasts up to 3 years, with a touch-up recommended around 18-24 months after the initial application. Exceptions exist where the tattoo may last longer.

What Is Permanent Eyeliner?

The eyeliner tattoo Melbourne procedure involves using semi-permanent pigments tattooed onto the skin to create the appearance of eyeliner.

After the skin heals, a custom eyeliner look is created that lasts for approximately three years before needing to be reapplied.

Tattoos are typically considered permanent?

Cosmetic tattoos, commonly known as permanent, are designed to fade over time, allowing for modifications to their shape and style or removal if desired.

Eyeliner tattoos differ from traditional tattoos as they use pigments of natural origins that the body gradually breaks down. Additionally, the colour is deposited shallowly into the skin, allowing the skin's natural exfoliation cycle to remove it over time.

Permanent eyeliner typically remains fresh and vivid for a few years before gradually fading, requiring a touch-up for a refreshed look.

What determines how long permanent eyeliner lasts?

The duration of permanent eyeliner varies for each individual and cannot be accurately predicted by any PMU artist.

PMUHub can provide information on pigment fading and discuss the factors that influence the longevity of tattooed eyeliner.


Following a permanent eyeliner procedure, allowing the area to heal correctly is essential. Taking special care of your eyelids in the days after the treatment will ensure safe healing and help maintain maximum pigment retention.

The pigments require time for settling, and repeated wetting of the area or using non-approved products by the PMU technician can prevent proper settling.

Touching the eyelids and picking at scabs can pose a risk as they heal, as the pigments in the skin can be pulled out if the scabs are removed before falling off naturally.

The individual's post-treatment behaviour primarily impacts the longevity of permanent eyeliner. Failure to adhere to aftercare instructions and causing mechanical damage to the area can compromise the results.

 Skin Type

The longevity of permanent eyeliner ultimately depends on the body's natural response, regardless of proper aftercare and adherence to instructions.

Individuals with dry and normal skin may experience longer-lasting results with their tattooed eyeliner.

Excess sebum production on thick and oily skin can cause pigments to fade faster as they are pushed out of the pores.

Differences in body chemistry affect how quickly some people absorb pigments, a natural process that can vary from person to person.

 Eyeliner Style

Another critical factor in determining the longevity of an eyeliner tattoo is the specific style of the tattoo.

There are various styles for permanent eyeliner, and getting a thick line with a shaded effect can result in longer-lasting visibility, typically up to 3 years.

Eyelash enhancement, a thin line tattooed between the lashes, typically fades within 6-12 months.

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Lifestyle and beauty tips

PMU pigments can fade when exposed to sunlight, potentially shortening the longevity of permanent eyeliner.

Regular excessive sweating can also decrease its lifespan.

Skincare products that contain aggressive exfoliating ingredients, often found in anti-aging products, can contribute to fading PMU. Consider adjusting your skincare routine if this is a concern for you.

How can I extend the longevity of my eyeliner tattoo?

There are ways to extend the duration of permanent eyeliner.


  • Scheduling touch-up appointments based on personal preference.
  • It is essential to adhere closely to your aftercare routine.
  • Avoiding sunlight exposure
  • Preventing frequent excessive sweating.


Individuals with oily skin or large pores may require more frequent touch-ups, regardless of their efforts.

What is the lifespan of permanent eyeliner without touch-ups?

It is common for permanent eyeliner to fade over time, with some individuals experiencing complete fading.

However, pigments may not completely disappear for specific individuals, and a shadow may remain due to factors such as pigment formulas, technique, and body chemistry.

Typically, a permanent eyeliner tattoo is considered faded after five years without a touch-up, with a slight shadow remaining that resembles discreet eye makeup.

Is it possible to remove permanent eyeliner?

Removal is an option for those who no longer want their permanent eyeliner or have a tattoo that hasn't faded.


  • Saline removal is a safe option for removing pigment from the skin. The process involves opening the skin over the marks and applying a solution that dries up and extracts the pigments. Finding a removal technician with experience working on delicate areas like eyelids is essential, as not all technicians have this expertise.
  • Laser removal is another option but is considered a more aggressive method. Not all tattoo removal technicians may have the expertise or equipment to work around the eyes safely, so finding one who does can be challenging.


Both methods involve multiple sessions and can become costly and time-consuming, so allowing the pigments to fade and using regular makeup to cover them may be a more practical option.